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Inventory management in Aaj Business Solutions tracks the value of your inventory and improves stock control. For advanced small business inventory management, browse the inventory tools that integrate with Aaj Business Solutions.

Speed up your quotes & invoicing

Add inventory items to reduce manual data entry and speed up quoting and invoicing, all while tracking your inventory sales/ purchases.

Easily track quantity on hand

We make it easy to track the quantities and value of your inventory on hand, giving you better control of what you buy and sell.

Get real-time stock valuation

We continually update the inventory on your balance sheet so you always know the real-time value of your inventory.

Track the profitability

Easily see which items are being sold and how much profit you’re making can be easily tracked.

Inventory Management

Explore our Add-on Marketplace for inventory software that integrates with Aaj Business Solutions (costs vary).